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Bentley Flying Spur 2023 Price Philippines & Official Promos

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Bentley Flying Spur Philippines Overview

Body type







4 - 6 L

Max Power

542 - 626 hp

Max Torque

770 - 900 Nm

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The Flying Spur of the Bentley line, express the Bentley tradition that speak of excellence in all aspects and performance. It is considered as the four-door limousine. From the interior, polished veneer is used while towards the exterior you can find subtle designs using aluminum. Despite the latest equipment used on a Flying Spur, the use of wood and leather gives it the Bentley trademark. It has a 6.0 L W12 engine that can get the Flying Spur from 0-1,000 kph in less than 4.3 seconds. A speed of 200mph is possible with its all-wheel grip. It has a sound proof floor and doors making the ambience inside as calm as it can get. You do not only enjoy a fast and powerful limousine, but the Flying Spur can offer luxury and an ultimate driving/riding experience. When it comes to technology, the Flying Spur incorporated the My Bentley Connected Car technology. This allows one to create their own journey. If you want something out of the ordinary, something powerful, something active, something modern then the four-door grand tourer is the car that you need.


The third generation of Bentley’s Flying Spur is longer and luxurious compared to its predecessor. It was expected to gather orders in 2019 during Fall as the Flying Spur models are arriving in early 2020 for dealerships. To provide each rider his preferred color, the Flying Spur comes in 30 color choices and 17 interior leather choices and eight veneers for interiors.

The Bentley Flying Spur W12 brings 612 bhp and 590 lb torque. It also got a new 22 inches and 21 inches wheel designs. A new interior finish and an updated cabin with the latest steering wheel design. It has a standard wi-fi hotspot system. Prices are yet to be revealed considering the latest facelifts.

The all-new Flying Spur is both intimidating, and beautiful



The Flying Spur has a bold and modern design. It has sharp lines, shaped form and well-balanced proportions are mixed in order to create a strong presence. The Flying Spur has its own personality with details like the latest vertical vane matrix grille, headlights, 21-inch double ten-spoke wheel and a Flying B mascot.

It has 17 exterior paint colors, lower bumper grilles and an exterior badge, the Black ‘B’, the W12 fender badge. It has a full LED matrix headlight, full LED taillights and a double oval stainless-steel tailpipe.


Patience is the key in order for you to succeed as part of the Bentley’s assembly team. This is what a Crewe factory worker can say especially when creating the latest Flying Spur. The Flying Spur is the most advanced car that Bentley created and placed in the market. Every single Flying Spur went through 84 stages of assembly with 200 workers.

The interior is made of leather. Every interior is made up of 350 individual pieces of leather stitched together. It will require three kilometers of thread for every interior. It will take about 141 people working in 14 interior leather colors and 13 thread colors that clients can choose. In case a client prefers an embroidered headrest, then it will require 5,103 stitches that workers have to work on.

For the four seats, it will take 12 hours to assemble it by hand. Working on a steering wheel will take three and a half hours to finish. Workers are required to take five months training for them to be experts in the craft and to be employed at the Bentley interiors.

Technology & Safety Features

For the tech features of a Bentley Flying Spur, My Benley Connected Car includes Apple CarPlay, satellite maps and My Car Status are available. Intelligent safety system provides confidence while on the road. The LED matrix headlights instantly opens a hole into the full beam every time a vehicle approach. This will keep other drivers from dazzling. Infrared monitoring is used on the night vision camera to keep you aware of the pedestrians or animals crossing even at a distance of 300 meters. For safe urban driving, the City Specification include pedestrian warning, top view camera and traffic sign recognition.

Together with Flying Spur’s tech features are a number of safety features in order to provide protection to drivers and passengers. This sedan has a stong body structure with an electronic system that adjusts the pressure on the shock absorber for a smooth ride. It has a self-leveling air suspension, controlled by a computer for a stable and controlled vehicle. Other safety features include: electronic park brake, brake system with Electronic Stability Programme or ESP. Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS, Electonic Brake Force Distribution or EBFD, Hydraulic Brake Assist or ABS, Drag Torque Control (MSR) and the Aquaplane detection are included.

For the lighting, the Flying Spur has a twilight sensor control and tunnel detection. A park distance control can be viewed on the infotainment screen and it comes with an audible warning. Driver and passenger airbags are available for safety.

Platform & Chassis

The platform of a Bentley Flying Spur is the same as the one on a Porsche. Its platform falls under the Volkswagen Group MSB that is related with a Bentley Continental GT Porsche Panamera (LWB). It has an advanced aluminum and mixed chassis. The Bentley Flying Spur is a technological masterpiece.

The Flying Spur’s variant is the W12. It shares a Volkswagen Group D platform.

Engine & Drivetrain

For the engine, the Flying Spur is an eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic, all-wheel drive and double turbo charged 626-hp W12 engine. Flying Spur gives credit to its adaptive suspension and rear wheel steering system for its agility. For the drivetrain, it is a turbo charged 6.0-liter 12-cylinder engine with 626 horsepower coupled to its transmission. The compression ratio is 9.0, maximum power is 635 PS or 626 bhp or 467 kW at 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 820Nm or 604 lb ft at 2,000 rpm.

Bentley Flying Spur 2023 Price list

The price of the Bentley Flying Spur in the Philippines is available upon request.Kindly click on the GET QUOTE button to ask for the latest price list from Bentley dealers across the country.

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Bentley Flying Spur 2023 Specifications


  • 4-6 L
    542-626 hp
  • 770-900 Nm
    AT (DCT)

Suspension & Brakes

  • Control arms
  • Electronic


  • 5,316
    2,200 mm
    1,483 mm


  • 4


  • LED
    21 inches


  • Leather


  • Push Button
  • CarPlay Only
  • With
  • With

Safety & Security

  • 14
  • With

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