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BAIC M50S 2023 Price Philippines & Official Promos

₱ 638,000 - ₱ 668,000

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BAIC M50S Philippines Overview

Body type





7 - 8


1.5 L

Max Power

114 hp

Max Torque

150 Nm

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As the needs for multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) in the Philippines grow, it’s only right that more of these types of vehicles are introduced to our local market. This not only gives customers more options, but it also lets other manufacturers know that they need to up their game and give better service and products to stay in the competition. One of the newest auto manufacturers to enter the Philippine MPV market is the BAIC. Locally known in China as Beijing Automotive Industry Co., the company acquired the “Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation” moniker when it launched in the Philippines. One of their best bets for the MPV scene is the M50S. It comes with a very easy-to-love price tag and an attractive exterior that can suit even the pickier buyers. The M50S is massive, has a slanting nose and a long body. But when parked beside some of its competitors like the Honda Mobilio and Toyota Avanza, the MPV from BAIC shows a taller roof. This could be a good indication that the inside might just have more headroom than most leading MPVs in the market. If you’re looking for a versatile people carrier that mixes sporty and classy, the BAIC M50S may be a good choice to consider.


It was in 2014 when BAIC officially launched its brand in the Philippines. But it was only in 2019 when BAIC officially released the M50S. We all know what kind of reputation most China-based products have in the Philippines. But the 2019 BAIC M50S may be a good product to change your mind.

When first revealed, people immediately noticed how the massive MPV barely had any resemblance to its competitors in the Philippine market. Perhaps the designers thought that a unique look would make the 2019 BAIC M50S easier for people to remember? We don’t really know. But for a price tag of Php 700,000, it may just be one of the most competitive vehicles in its class.

The M50S offers a lot of features for its price tag



Aside from seemingly having more headroom than competing vehicles in its class, the 2019 BAIC M50S also has a handful of exterior features that can make anyone take a second glance. 

For instance, the fog lights are aeasy to spot. If you’re concerned about seeing and being seen on the road regardless of the weather, this feature is a necessity. You also won’t have to worry about stretching out your hand every now and then to reach the mirrors. BAIC decided that power adjustable rearview mirrors are vital along with other features like rain-sensing wipers. Most of the exterior accessories are electronically adjustable that there’s even a power antenna


As if the exterior wasn’t tempting enough, the BAIC M50S is packed with all the comfy interior features you could ever need – and want! For starters, the seats are comfy for its price. Second, you don’t need to insert and twist keys because the M50S has a start/stop button and it’s also keyless entry-capable.

The seats are adjustable so you and your passengers can always find their most comfortable sitting position no matter how long the drive. The rear seats can also be folded in case you have a lot of baggage. On top of that, the M50S comes with an on-board computer and a remote-activated trunk opener for the ultimate convenience.

Technology & Safety Features

After finding out that the BAIC M50S is loaded with fascinating features inside and out, it makes us wonder what else it’s got in store when it comes to safe and technology.

For starters, driver and passenger airbags come as a standard along with a side-airbag at the front. There is also ABS installed to prevent those wheels from locking. If you think you needed over a million pesos for a car that had top-of-the-line tech features, the Php 700,000 M50S has rear cameras, brake assist and crash sensors to further help you stay safe on the road.

Those features, paired with a touchscreen system and Bluetooth connectivity makes for a comfy and enjoyable ride.

Platform & Chassis

If we’re talking about specific numbers, the BAIC M50S has a seating capacity that can accommodate up to 7 or 8 people – depending on the variant you choose. The fuel tank, on the hand, can hold up to 50 liters of fuel which gives you plenty of time before your next refill.

The M50s measures 4525 millimeters from the tip of the nose to the butt end. It’s massive size ticks in at 1700 millimeters wide with a height of 1818 millimeters. This BAIC MPV stands at a good 2790-millimeter wheelbase and comes ready to drive with R14 radial tires.

Engine & Chassis

A big vehicle will also need an equally large engine to pull its weight. That’s why the BAIC M50S is fitted with a 1498 cc 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline-powered engine that’s capable of up to 114 hp. This, accompanied with 150 Nm of torque is enough to tug the 7 passengers plus the driver and cargo.

The engine is coupled with everyone’s favorite manual transmission and a five-speed gearbox. The BAIC M50S runs on the rear wheels and comes with a McPherson Strut front suspension and multi-link suspension for the rear. This gives the BAIC M50S a top speed of 150 km/h.

BAIC M50S 2023 Price list

The price of the BAIC M50S in the Philippines starts at ₱638,000 for the entry-level Luxury (7-Seater) 1.5 MT , while the top-of-the-line BAIC M50S Ultra Luxury (7-Seater) 1.5 MT is priced at ₱668,000. For more details, please refer to our 2023 BAIC M50S price list as follows:

*** Please note that the BAIC M50S‘s prices might differ in some showrooms and should serve as reference only.

BAIC M50S 2023 Specifications


  • 1.5 L
    114 hp
  • 150 Nm

Suspension & Brakes

  • MacPherson Strut
  • Manual (Hand)


  • 4,525
    1,700 mm
    1,818 mm
  • 145 mm


  • 7-8


  • Halogen
    14-15 inches


  • Leather
    Manual dual-zone


  • Turnkey
  • iPod
  • With
  • None

Safety & Security

  • 2
  • With
  • None

BAIC M50S 2023 Owner Reviews

BAIC M50S 2023 Comparison with similar cars

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BAIC M50S Philippines: FAQs

What is the engine of BAIC M50S?

The BAIC M50S gives users a 1498 cc 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline-powered engine.

How much is BAIC M50S 2023 in the Philippines?

The price of new BAIC M50S in the Philippines ranges from 638,000 Php for the entry level model to 668,000 Php for the top of the line model.

Which transmission is in BAIC M50S?

BAIC M50S is equipped with manual transmission

Is BAIC M50S a good car?

Yes, BAIC is a good car to buy. It’s built to a high standard, durable ride and performance, and run every kind of weather are big plus points of the car.

What is the ground clearance of BAIC M50S 2023?

The ground clearance of new BAIC M50S is 145mm

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