BAIC Bayanihan H5 2021 - 2022
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BAIC Bayanihan H5 2021 - 2022: Price List & Hottest Promos

₱638,000 - ₱814,000

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BAIC Bayanihan H5 Philippines Overview

Body type





2 - 18


1.5 L

Max Power

60 hp

Max Torque

150 Nm

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BAIC is a China-based vehicle manufacturer that’s slowly expanding their reach to the global market. Some of the countries that they export to include Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and Colombia. However, they have recently decided to import their products into the Philippines. The vehicles are mostly focused on practical people carriers but other functional vehicles like the BAIC Bayanihan H5 are also available. The BAIC Bayanihan is available in multiple body styles including a van, 2 minivan versions, and a pickup truck. The cab and chassis can be bought for Php 638,000 while the dropside flatbed version is up for sale at Php 668,000. The closed van variety can be bought for Php 733,000. Meanwhile, the passenger van with single AC can be yours for Php 773,000. The dual ac variant is available at Php 814,000. Though it is available in several body styles, the Bayanihan HS is only available in white color. The unit is pretty compact and offers great space for carrying both people and cargo. BAIC Philippines also highlights how the Bayanihan H5 is highly capable of pulling even full load on a steep grade surface. The Bayanihan H5 is a great option for people who wants to have a vehicle for their business.


It was around 2017 when BAIC officially opened its very first dealership in the Philippines. The dealership is located in one of the most prime locations for business operations in Makati City. Some of the company’s representatives that were present at the grand event were the company’s CEO and the guest of honor, Dr. Haiyang Dong.

The event consists of a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new dealership. The building was also blessed to help ward away bad luck and invite good fortune to the business. The CEO, Mr. George Chua gave a speech about the future of BAIC as well as his well wishes for the Philippine branches. In the end, Chua gave Dr. Dong a token of appreciation before unveiling the Bayanihan H5 along with the Freedom Mini Truck.


Looking at the outside, the BAIC Bayanihan H5 resembles the Mitsubishi L300. However, it does have some features that make it impressive. Also, rather than being modern and techy, the Bayanihan H5 comes with minimal luxury features and is limited to only the most necessary ones.

There are no power-adjustable rearview mirrors but drivers will do just fine with a manual one.  You also won’t have a power antenna or an external rear-view turn signal. There is also no extra space for your stuff at the roof due to the lack of roof rail but the van should provide ample space.


Inside the Bayanihan, H5 is a smart use of space that’s fully intended for carrying and transporting cargo and people.  As for the closed pickup truck variety, the Bayanihan H5 can only accommodate up to two people. The same goes for the drop side version of the van.

The passenger minivans, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 18 people. This is regardless if you have the single or dual AC variant. Whichever variant you choose, the cabin is sure to be comfortable and will come with standard features. These include a sunroof, a bottle holder, and a cabin heater just to name a few.

Technology & Safety Features

While the Bayanihan H5 leans closely to functionality more than luxury, the makers didn’t fail to include a few tech and safety features to keep you safe and entertained while on the road. For safety, the H5 has ABS as a standard and warnings for an unbuckled seat belt and ajar door.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find great options for fun on the road like the FM/AM radio, and the CD player. If you’re not interested in those, you can just grab your own tunes and make use of the USB and auxiliary input.

Though it doesn’t come with a 3D surround sound system, the front and rear speakers should keep the volume up just fine.

Platform & Chassis

In terms of platform and chassis, the Bayanihan H5 makes use of a body-on-frame in a full-forward position. The sizes also vary depending on the variant you choose. For example, the cab and chassis have an overall dimension of 4905 x 1650 x 2020. The dropside variant, on the other hand, has dimensions of 4910 x 1650 x 2575. For the closed van, the dimensions are 5060 x 1700 x 2585 – only a little taller than the passenger van’s 5020 x 1700 x 2100 measurement.

Regardless of the variant you choose, the Bayanihan H5 comes with 185 R14 LT tires. The vehicle weight ticks in at 3495 kg.

Engine & Drivetrain

As for the engine and drivetrain, the BAIC H5 makes use of a 1809 cc inline four-cylinder, water-cooled 4L18CF engine with a turbocharger. It’s capable of 60 hp at 3200 rpm and 150 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. This gives the BAIC Bayanihan a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

The steering system is made up of a Pitman gearbox and arm complete with hydraulic assist. Both the front suspension and rear suspension are made up of leaf springs with rigid axles. The front has three leaves per wheel while the rear has five. It runs on the rear wheels and has a five-speed transmission.

BAIC Bayanihan H5 2021 - 2022 Price list

The price of the BAIC Bayanihan H5 in the Philippines starts at ₱638,000 for the entry-level Cab & Chassis 1.5 MT, while the top-of-the-line BAIC Bayanihan H5 Passenger Van w/ Dual AC 1.5 MT is priced at ₱814,000. For more details, please refer to our 2021 BAIC Bayanihan H5 price list as follows:

*** Please note that the BAIC Bayanihan H5‘s prices might differ in some showrooms and should serve as reference only.

BAIC Bayanihan H5 2021 Owner Reviews

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