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Used Acura SUV / Crossover for sale (3)

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Acura ILX 2017 for sale

  • Used
  • 2017
  • Automatic
Metro Manila, Quezon City
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo

Acura MDX 2005 (NEGO) FOR SALE

  • Used
  • 2005
  • Automatic
  • 100,000 km
Davao del Sur, Davao City
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo

Isuzu Hilander SUV for sale

  • Used
  • Manual
Bataan, Orani
Monthly payment
Negotiable price/mo

    For Acura car buyers: Do you know the pros & cons of Car brand loyalty?

    You are browsing through our list of second-hand Acura SUV / Crossover for sale , and without a doubt, you are well aware of the fact that there are a lot of other brands in the market. However, you would rather buy a car manufactured by a brand that you already have an idea of maybe because some of your relatives and friends have used it already or because it is among the most popular and established in the Philippines.

    Brand loyalty, as what people call it, is a strong affliction and trust to a certain brand, and this is common amongst Filipinos. We tend to go for a brand that has been tried and tested for years. But is this beneficial at all? Yes and no for some reasons.

    Pros of Brand Loyalty

    Since you are here looking for a decent car from Acura price Philippines, surely you must be fully aware of the benefits that come with it. For one, the vehicle's performance is no longer questionable for you've already received good feedback from those who've already used it or you may have already own one before.

    Similarly, they wouldn't be as popular as they are if they haven't proven their worth in the industry or their customers in general. This means that they already know what their customers want and need, so their cars have features that match each of their customers.

    Cons of Brand Loyalty

    As a buyer, you would notice that some of the most famous auto brands in the Philippines offer their vehicles at a higher price, as compared to the unpopular and new players in the market. This might be explained by the fact that favorite brands can still meet their sales target whether or not they maintain and increase their prices. Needless to say, customers will buy it no matter how much it costs.

    Car brand loyalty will also prevent you from trying out new models of vehicles. More often than not, new car brands will have units that have new features which might not be found on old brands.

    Additionally, these brands will put much effort into designing and producing their units because they have to pass certain crash and quality tests.

    Should You Be Loyal to a Brand or Not?

    We here at believe that there is nothing wrong with sticking to a brand that you are familiar with already.

    You are playing it safe, especially since they have already been tried and tested on the road and for years. After all, safety is one of the most important factors when buying a vehicle.

    With that being said, a lot of new players and unpopular brands produce vehicles that are loaded with safety features, both traditional and advanced, as well as exceeded pre-required tests. As such, there is no harm in trying pre-owned cars for sale from another brand, as long as you do your research well and be keen in selecting a unit from their series.

    With that in mind, you can browse through our website anytime and any day since apart from our list of used Acura cars for sale, we also feature helpful auto buying tips and advice, car news, and car reviews. To add more, all of which are updated regularly in order to make sure we provide you all the information that you might need as a buyer.