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To-do Lists before buying your next car

Nowadays, the demand for buying a Jetour for sale in the Philippines is increasing day by day. People buy cars to serve the needs of convenient travel, family use or to not be inferior to others. However, buying brand new and used cars for sale is quite complicated, requiring you to know what to do when buying a car and make sure you get the best car and deal for you. In this article, we have listed the things to do and check before buying a car. It will help you know what to consider and pay attention to when buying a car.

Demand to buy Jetour cars for sale in the Philippines

Currently, air and noise pollution is increasing in some major cities in the Philippines, directly affecting human health. Buying a car as a means of transportation to avoid direct exposure to dust and smoke, and at the same time to reduce noise pollution is an effective solution to protect the health of yourself and your family.

Besides, cars are convenient transportation options to avoid the effects of weather and dirt on the street. Jetour car for sale can cover rain, sun, dust, etc., helping to better protect the health of babies and the elderly.

In addition, buying a personal car is very useful in emergencies. When someone in the family is sick or injured but the hospital is far away and it is difficult to call an ambulance. In such a situation, a personal car will be very useful because it is instantaneous.

To-do Lists before buying Jetour for sale

1. Consider your budget
Calculate your current income and debt to know what price range to buy a car. You shouldn't spend more than 15% of your monthly earnings on a car, especially if you already have a lot of debt. Check out the total cost of owning that car including price, depreciation, insurance, taxes and fees, fuel, maintenance, repairs, and related taxes. Take a look at your total monthly expenses to make sure the car you're interested in is within your budget.

2. Check vehicle history
Before choosing a dealer to see your car, check out user reviews about the driving experience. Do not think that it is a car of a reputable brand that you subjectively think it has no problem, especially when you go to buy a used car.

3. Compare prices
Car prices at Jetour Philippines dealerships can vary so it's better to compare the prices of the cars you're interested in on the Internet first. Not only that, you can find information about the email and phone number of the agents, thereby making it easy for you to negotiate the price before coming to see it in person.

In addition, some Jetour car dealerships will often have promotions posted on the website, especially Philkotse. You can visit Philkotse’s website at: to refer to.

4. Taking the test drive
After you feel the car is right for your needs, test drive the car to make sure you make the right choice. You should schedule test drives and vehicle inspections during the day to check the vehicle thoroughly.

Once you've completed a thorough inspection and are confident that the vehicle has the right registration and insurance, you're ready to take it out for a test drive.

You should bring a friend or a mechanic with experience in cars. You should also test drive the car through different terrains at different speeds to fully check the vital parts of the vehicle.

Buying a car sounds complicated, but with proper research and preparation, you won't regret anything after buying a car.

How do I know whether the Jetour car sale is trusted?

100% sellers on Philkotse are authorized and they have to guarantee the accuracy, condition and legality of the items for sale.

Should I buy a new or used Jetour for sale?

Owning a brand-new car is perfect. However, if your budget is tight, 2nd hand Jetour car is a more suitable option. You can definitely find a used car like new at cheap price.