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Honda Stream 2000 for sale

8 results found
2000 Honda Stream 2.0 engine A/T gasoline fuel AT The listing has expired

2000 Honda Stream 2.0 engine A/T gasoline fuel AT

Metro Manila, Las Piñas ₱200,000

Automatic Verified Contact 150,000 km

Selling Used Honda Stream 2000 in Quezon City The listing has expired

Selling Used Honda Stream 2000 in Quezon City

Metro Manila, Quezon City Negotiable price

Automatic 110,000 Km

Honda Stream 2000 for sale The listing has expired

Honda Stream 2000 for sale

Capiz, Tapaz ₱250,000

Manual 80,000 Km

For sale Honda Stream K20 ivtec engine Model 2000 The listing has expired

For sale Honda Stream K20 ivtec engine Model 2000

Metro Manila, Manila ₱195,000


Honda MUV rush.. The listing has expired

Honda MUV rush..

Aklan, Kalibo ₱280,000

Manual 70,000 Km

Honda MUV 7 seatarr The listing has expired

Honda MUV 7 seatarr

Capiz, Tapaz ₱280,000

70,000 Km

Honda sir.body 2000model The listing has expired

Honda sir.body 2000model

Metro Manila, Muntinlupa ₱200,000

2000 Honda Stream for sale in Imus The listing has expired

2000 Honda Stream for sale in Imus

Cavite, Imus ₱240,000

Automatic 80,000 Km

    How to Pay Off your Car Faster

    In our age of fast-paced living, a personal four-wheeled vehicle has become a necessity. This is why more and more people strive to get their own cars by adjusting their monetary budgets accordingly.

    Surely, you are browsing through the Honda Stream 2000 for sale listings page because you've decided that it's time to purchase your own car.

    Although owning a car may sound fancy, comfortable and luxurious, it also comes with corresponding burdens.

    Not everyone is able to pay off their beloved car by an outright purchase using cash. That's why a lot of the vehicle owners you can see have actually turned to the help of financial and loan institutions. However, they still have to pay and if calculated fairly, those who choose to pay via financial institutions actually pay a higher price in the long run.

    If you're one of them, then you might want to know these tips on how to pay off faster in order to have the well-kept Honda cars for sale the soonest.

    Understand the contract

    If you have a habit of just ticking the boxes in your browser saying “I agree”, you may want to pause this habit when it comes to anything that requires your signature – particularly a car loan.

    Before signing the contract for that second-hand Honda Stream, make sure you understood the terms and conditions and everything that concerns both you and the vehicle. You may also want to know if there are pre-payment penalties. This is when a company charges you for wanting to end your contract early by paying in advance.

    Round up your monthly car bill

    Saving an exact amount of money for your car bill can lead you to round it down. Let's say you have to pay Php 16,450 every month. You can tell yourself that you would need to allot Php 16,700 instead or better yet Php 17,000.

    You can then pay the company the exact amount you owe and save the rest of the money for future payments. It may not be much at the time but saving at least Php1,000 every month for 17 months can equal to one whole payment. This tip is very useful in case you miscalculated your budget for the month.

    Pay on time

    There are car loan companies that provide rebates and even discounts to increase buyers' interest in the used vehicle for sale. Since there are institutions that charge you for paying early, there are also car loan groups that let provides you with benefits if you comply with the payment terms or pay in advance

    This also lets the company know that you're a good payer and any future transaction with be smooth rather than a complete addition to their phone bill. Some companies offer treats and bonuses such as vouchers and gift cards.

    Make extra money

    One fact is that life is full of surprises. If you think that you're doing fine with your current budget but you have nothing left after all the bills are paid, then you may need another source of income.

    Even if you are able to pay on time for your Honda Stream with the current salary, there could be bumps that may arise on your daily driving like illness and other emergencies that will require money. Find another profitable solution so you're able to pay for your car as well as save up for life emergencies. Also, it would help if you made savings long before your purchase.

    Thank you for browsing We hope that those provided tips & tricks can help you find the best car deal soon!