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1. Tata Motors Dealership: Tata Motors Davao

Tata Motors Davao, under the operations and management of Davao Bonifacio Motors, Inc. officially opened its doors for business on December 18, 2014. It has since been sharing the latest offerings from Tata Motors to all Davaoenos who are looking for great alternative brand options.

This dealership sits on a 1,322 square meter lot and boasts of a 5-car display showroom and a service facility that has 5 service bays. With these facilities present, Tata Motors Davao can surely provide quality customer care to all their Davao clients.

2. Contact Tata Motors Davao        

Tata Motors Davao is located in Km. 9 Barrio Pampanga, Davao City.

For inquiries, you may call them through these numbers: 082 233 1577, 082 234 0728 or 082 234 3084.

They are open from Monday to Sunday, 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

3. About Tata Motors Philippines - Pilipinas Taj Autogroup

Tata Motors Limited is an India-based automobile and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that is valued for 45 Billion USD. It was officially founded and established in 1945 and has been providing jobs for lots of people, amounting to 81,090 employees to date.

It’s one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers that produces high quality vehicles ranging from sedans, SUVs, trucks, buses and even defense vehicles. Since it started, it has sold 1,221,124 units and garnered more than 6,600 sales and service points.

Pilipinas Taj Autogroup is the exclusive importer and distributors of Tata Motors commercial and passenger vehicles in the Philippines, backed up by Diamond Motor Group. It currently has 9 dealerships in the country. Some of its make and models include the following:

  • Vista (Sedan)
  • Manza (Sedan)
  • Indigo (Sedan)
  • Xenon (Pick Up)
  • Ace (Small Truck)
  • Super Ace (Small Truck)
  • 4 Tonners (Light Truck)
  • 7 Tonners (Light Truck)
  • 11 Tonners (Light Truck)
Km. 9 Barrio Pampanga, Davao City
Business hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 5:30pm


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Km. 9 Barrio Pampanga, Davao City

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