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Asia Motors for sale

2 results found

2014 Asia Motor Rocsta

Batangas, Tanauan ₱150,000

1 km Verified Contact

Asia Rocsta 2003 for sale The listing has expired

Asia Rocsta 2003 for sale

Tarlac, Capas ₱190,000

Manual 130,000 Km

    Freebies you can get when buying a new car

    You are looking for Asia Motors cars for sale on - the leading automotive classified website in the Philippines. Please note that you can extend your results to more car listings from other brands by adjusting the criteria in the search box on the left of the listing page.

    When you're planning to buy a new car, car dealers will not only offer you the biggest discount and the lowest down payment possible. Some car dealers will also offer you freebies just so they can close the sale. Most commonly, a standard key chain, seat covers, umbrella, window tints, and floor matting is the basic freebies. will help you determine other freebies that car dealers can provide on top of the basic freebies car buyers can get when they purchase a new car.

    A tank of fuel

    Depending on the Asia Motors Philippines dealerships you choose, some of them are nice enough to fill up your new vehicle with fuel that ranges from 5 liters all the way to a full tank instead of giving it with an empty tank. This will be enough for you to enjoy the first drive with your brand new car.

    Car cover

    The car cover is another freebie you will be able to receive when you purchase a new car from almost every car brands, including {Brand} Philippines. It will still be given regardless if you already have an outdoor or indoor garage.

    A car cover will be of great help in preserving the exterior paint of the car. If you're going to buy this car accessory, it only costs a few hundred pesos and it is very easy to claim.

    Car care kit

    Again, this freebie depends on the dealership. If your dealership is generous enough, they might be able to provide some car care items such as microfiber cleaning cloth, car shampoo, chamois, sponge and tire black that can help you keep the looks of your vehicle new and fresh.

    Early warning device

    As mandated by the Republic Act 4136 – Land Transportation and Traffic Code, it is a must that every car should have an early warning device or EWD. EWD is a necessity kit that drivers should have and should use every time they need to stop on the side of the road during emergencies or even when simply changing tires.

    Rain guard/rain visor

    This car accessory is installed on the passenger and driver's side windows. It helps in preventing water drip into your vehicle especially when the windows are down. In addition, some people and car enthusiasts think it looks good in the car.

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