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Abarth for sale

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    What to bring with you when buying a new car?

    Planning to buy a new car from Abarth Philippines? Before you consider hitting your desired budget, it is wise that you know this in advance - purchasing a car is so much more than just handing out the payment, shaking hands, and making your way out of the dealership with a brand new car.

    For instance, certain protocols need to be observed, documents that need to be complied, and paper works to be accomplished. We at will give you the list of the important documents and paper works that you need to bring when you wish to buy a new car:

    1. Payment Document

    This typically means a check. Various types of check that are used in payment schemes when purchasing a new car include:

    • Personal check
    • Check for a pre-approved loan
    • Bank check
    • Cashier's check

    It is extremely helpful to communicate with your Abarth Philippines dealership early in time because different dealerships require different types of check, so it would be wiser if you ask them beforehand what type of check they require. However, if you are purchasing a car in cash, a payment document is no longer applied.

    2. Driver's license

    Dealerships' one of the biggest requirements is driver's license, a buyer has to be a registered driver in order to drive the vehicle home. The driver's license will also stand as an affirmation of your identity for the check and the important documents you have complied.

    Similarly, if you are using the in-house financing of your dealership, one of the requirements you need to comply would also be the driver's license. Of course, you also need other proofs of your identity and location, that includes your water bill, phone bill, and electricity bill.

    3. Proof of Insurance

    Before you do some driving with the car, you have to have an insurance on the car first. You are allowed to decide a new insurance policy if you are already sure about which car to buy and got its details close at hand. You can also appeal your insurance from your dealership and let them have the new vehicle identification number of your car, engine number, and some important details.

    Be careful, however, as different process is used for used cars for sale. Just in case you are not quite sure of which insurance company to go with, do not worry, you can refer to our post on practical tips about getting the most excellent car insurance companies available in our country.

    Your proof of insurance will then be faxed or e-mailed by your insurance provider to your dealership. For such reason, there are times when all a dealer has got to require about your insurance is to introduce an active auto insurance policy.

    If you are able to remember all the documents and paper works enumerated above when purchasing a car, then you can expedite the whole buying process and can do away with a lot of hassle, minimizing the number of hours you spend in the dealership.

    Looking to find an affordable Abarth car for sale by reliable sellers? You can browse through - one of the biggest automobile portals here in the Philippines and find a deal that suits you best!