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Used Cars for sale in Binalbagan Negros Occidental

Binalbagan, Negros Occidental
7 results found
Used Mitsubishi adventure 2011model super sport top of the line

Mitsubishi adventure 2011model super sport top of the line

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan


Manual 88,000 km

Used Toyota Vios 2005 for sale

Toyota Vios 2005 for sale

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan


Manual 50,000 Km

Used Toyota Vios J Very good running condition

Toyota Vios J Very good running condition

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan



Used Hyundai Tucson 2011 FOR SALE

Hyundai Tucson 2011 FOR SALE

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan


Automatic 21,000 Km

Used Zero Down Ranger 2.2L 4x2 XLT 4x2 Best Pickup Ford vs hilux vs strada

Zero Down Ranger 2.2L 4x2 XLT 4x2 Best Pickup Ford vs hilux vs strada

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan


10,000 Km

Used honda fit 05

honda fit 05

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan


Used BMW E90 320i

BMW E90 320i

Negros Occidental, Binalbagan



    Popular Car Brand Loyalty: Pros & Cons

    Loyalty to a certain brand is one of the things you would notice among most Filipino buyers and consumers. The same goes for cars. When you try to observe the roads in the country, you can easily identify which brands are popular and which are not.

    The strong affliction to famous auto brands might be related to the fact that most Filipinos only go for products that have been tried and tested by most people. They wait for reviews and recommendations from their relatives, friends, and co-workers. This is a good thing since it signifies that they are being careful when it comes to buying items.

    With that in mind, car brand loyalty has its own share of disadvantages. Let us look into those, as well as the other advantages.

    Popular Car Brand Loyalty Benefits

    Whether you are buying a brand-new vehicle or choosing one from our long list of used cars for sale in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, opting for a brand that you are familiar with will ensure that you will own a well-functioning unit. For one, the manufacturer won't be able to reach such level of popularity if they haven't satisfied their customers.

    In relation to that, this also signifies that popular brands have already identified the needs and wants of car drivers and owners. They incorporate all of those things in their new designs and innovate to improve more. Additionally, the safety and reliability of the brand's units, especially when on the road, have already been proven.

    You would also find service centers almost anywhere in the country. If not in your town or city, it would be in a nearby town or city. Lastly, you will have no problems with parts replacement since you can find them easily in most auto supply stores. Likewise, if you plan to have the car repaired by another shop, most mechanics would be skilled and experienced in handling the car brand.

    Popular Car Brand Loyalty Drawbacks

    The number one disadvantage of sticking to a popular brand is the price, especially when purchasing second-hand cars for sale. More often than not, they are the most expensive in the market. Also, when you opt for brand-new units, even if you go for financing, the down payment and monthly terms will be far more expensive when compared to unpopular or new brands.

    Loyalty to a popular brand will not also give you a chance to look into what new brands have to offer. It was noticeable that some new players in the market have units with modern and advanced features. This can be explained by the fact that they started with new technology, both in manufacturing, designing, and assembling.

    Final Verdict

    Loyalty to a popular brand is both good and bad. The reputation of popular brands are unbeatable but less popular brands need to prove something; hence, they try to find ways to “insert” themselves in the popularity list, which is a good thing.

    As such, brand loyalty is not bad at all. However, giving these new brands a chance is still recommended; but with caution. Research well and be a wiser buyer. has a lot of tips and advice that can help you with your purchase, so read on! Good luck!