Get your dream Xpander and get a low down payment or 30,000 worth of SODEXO GC's

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Xmas is coming to town!!! Mitsubishi Manila Bay is offering a very big promotion for the last month of 2019. It is your time to get a beloved Mitsubishi right now or never!

Mitsubishi promo at Mitsubishi Manila Bay

Mitsubishi is always trusted as the best car to ride in the Philippines for many reasons, and the most noticeable one is that you can find it extremely budget-friendly. Mitsubishi cars also offer drivers with the best driving experience. But if it is not enough for you to allocate the money, there is one more excuse for you not to hesitate and get your own car right now.

The Mitsubishi Manila Bay dealership is introducing a big promotion with Mitsubishi Xpander 2019 by either 20% DP program or 30,000 worth of SODEXO GC's.

Grab this chance or it will end on Dec 31st, 2019.

Mitsubishi xpander

Mitsubishi Xpander promotion till the end of December, catch up now!

Not only get the deals with reasonable promoted DP price, but you will also be able to get various freebies for this time if you’ve decided to buy one.

  • PMS Plus
  • Free labor and Parts (from 1,000 up to 20,000)
  • Tint
  • Mattings
  • Early Warning Device
  • Keychain
  • Umbrella
  • Dash Cam
Unit variants
20% All-in down payment
MA for 5 years
199,800 instead pay only 39k
Get 30k worth of Sodexo GC
215,000 instead pay only 38K DP
Get 30k worth of Sodexo GC
21, 812
222,000 instead pay only 19K DP
Get 30k worth of Sodexo GC
GLS Sport AT
235,000 instead pay only 28k
Get 30k worth of Sodexo GC

Also, in case you are interested in other Mitsubishi models, our up-to-date Mitsubishi Philippines price list is always available for your reference.

Please be noted that the promotion program is only available on

If you have any other concerns, please hit the “Get the deal” button so that we can serve you right by your desk.

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