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Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited or JMC, the mother company of JMC Philippines, is a China-based automobile manufacturer that initiated in the 1940s by producing light-duty trucks. However, it can be considered that it was only officially established in 1993 because that was the time when they were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Today, they no longer just produce trucks, but they also have SUVs and MPVs available as well as vehicle engines. The company is partly owned by Ford Motors, a well-known USA-based car manufacturer, and has long been venturing with Isuzu Motors Corporation and Itochu Corporation.

Some of JMC models

From Passenger Vehicles to Trucks, JMC Has It

I. JMC Global

With factories in Qingyunpu, Xiaolan, and Taiyuan that handles vehicle manufacturing from welding to assembling, JMC is a force to be reckoned. What is more interesting is that it also aims to have a plant Born, Netherlands.

1. Achievements

For years, JMC has been part of the top 100 world’s most valuable automobile brands. Additionally, it has also been given several recognitions by the Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission, specifically the National Vehicle Export Base rating. Since together with its partner Ford, they aim to produce eco-friendly vehicles and work without ignoring social responsibilities, JMC has been recognized and given China’s Poverty Alleviation Ambassador, Responsible China Non-profit Partner, and Excellent Award for Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility tags.

Apart from that, in 2009, they have also won the National Environmental Protection Achievement Award, while in 2013, they were awarded the National Enterprise for Exemption from Export Inspection as well as placed fourth in the China Independent Brand Value category. Then, in 2014 the company received the Jiangxi Province Quality Award while their Yusheng design garnered the China’s Patent Award.

JMC Yusheng

The Award-Winning Yusheng Design

2. Market Position

JMC has proven to be one of the strongest competitors in the automobile industry, especially in China. In the year 2002, they were able to produce and sell about 500,00 units as well as able to operate both their own brands and Ford brands. The following year, JMC started exporting their products to Algeria and to more than 79 countries and regions around the globe.

With its overseas market, the brand continually achieved great sales, so in 2009 they had reported a profit of more than 1 billion RMB, which became 10 billion the following year, and then 20 billion RMB in 2013. As per the last report that PhilKotse obtained from JMC, in 2014, the brand was able to sell 276,000 vehicles, giving them an all-time high sales revenue of 25.54 billion yuan, which is up by 22.3% year on year.


A Detailed Look at the JMC Company

II. JMC Philippines

JMC vehicles are not as popular as other brands available in the country because most of the JMC cars for sale in the Philippines are those of the commercial truck and van types. Nonetheless, in partnership with the Philippines-based automobile assembler, Dreamco Automobile Co., JMC was able to launch several of their pick-up trucks and SUVs.

1. Models Available

Since the commercial vehicles can be easily found at the JMC Philippines website, we will focus on the models that will be useful for individuals and families.

  • JMC Hunter

The JMC Hunter is a single or double cab pick up truck that has been designed to tackle on-road and off-road jobs, making it suitable for downhill, flat, and uphill terrains. You can also choose to have the 4x2 or 4x4 versions, depending on your needs as a family head, individual, or business person. It is loaded with a 2.8L gasoline engine as well as a five-speed manual transmission. Apart from that, its interior has seats that have been upholstered well, and it is integrated with enough entertainment systems.

JMC Hunter Interior

2018 4x2 JMC Hunter Interior

  • JMC Orion

This seven-seater SUV is a great choice for families, couples, and individuals who want to travel comfortably. As similar to the hunter, the seats in all rows have also been upholstered with a quality leather material. Additionally, you will surely not get bored during your road trip since it has been integrated with entertainment systems and a USB port. The luggage compartment is also not an issue as it has a trunk at the back and if the backseat is not occupied, you can expand it by folding the seats. Safety-wise, you wouldn’t be worried as you travel since it has sensors, airbags, and an electronic brake force distribution system.

JMC Orion Trunk

Luggage Space is NOT an Issue with the JMC Orion

  • JMC Vigor

The JMC Vigor is another pick-up truck that is available in both 4x2 and 4x4 versions. As compared to the Hunter model, this has a smaller gasoline engine, which is 2.4L but also has a five-speed manual transmission. Also, according to a reliable JMC cars Philippines review, this pick-up truck model has more entertainment systems.

JMC Vigor

4x4 JMC Vigor on the Road

2. Dealers

If you decide to check out the JMC Philippines price list and the actual JMC cars in the Philippines, you won’t be disappointed since JMC has a lot of dealers in the country. As of writing, they have two in NCR, two in Luzon, four in the Visayas, and three in Mindanao.

JMC Vehicles: Are They Right for You?

JMC Philippines offers trucks for commercial use, pick-up trucks for both personal and commercial use, and passenger vehicles for you and your loved ones. Although the brand is not so popular and visible on the road and market, the awards that have been received by the global brand, as well as its long-time venture and partnership with Japanese and American brands, these vehicles are surely worth a try!

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