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Toyota Talisay Cebu Here at Toyota Talisay Cebu, we work to provide the best automotive services in the South as what’s Toyota has been known for. We offer Toyota Body and Paint Services, General Job Services, Periodic Maintenance Services, Genuine accessories and Parts, Pre-owned vehicles, and Brand new models.

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Toyota Talisay Cebu The Toyota showroom is located at South Road Properties, Lawaan 1, Talisay, Cebu. For any query, feel free to call at 032 260 9201

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Everyone knows about Japan as one of the leading countries in many aspects. Amongst them, the auto industry in the country is considered a major factor that forms the automotive success of Japan.

We cannot deny the importance and influence Toyota has built for its auto industry. Since its establishment in 1937, the car manufacturer has been thriving and reached a number of achievements.

The biggest, as well as the most famous achievement of Toyota, is the record of the most patents a company’s got a hold of. No other company has ever equalized this record.

Also, Toyota is known for its best-selling model of all time, the Toyota Corolla with over 45m units ever sold. At Present, the Japanese giant is offering a great Toyota vehicle listed down below: - Toyota Avalon - Toyota Camry - Toyota Corolla - Toyota Yaris - Toyota Prius - Toyota Camry Hybrid - Toyota Avalon Hybrid In the Philippine market, the company spreads a total of 64 dealerships along with the country.

South Road Properties, Lawaan 1, Talisay, Cebu
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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 5:30pm


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South Road Properties, Lawaan 1, Talisay, Cebu

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